Fabien Pinaroli (ed.): Re: Towards a minor history of exhibitions and performances

Number of pages: 400. Format: 165 x 235 mm.
Illustrations: two-colour printing. Language: English
Graphic design: Will Holder & Pedro Cid Proença.
Translation from French into English: Basil Kingstone
Isbn: 978-2-917053-32-4 Release date: janv. 2018.
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Re: Towards a minor history of exhibitions and performances is a collection of textual and visual essays based on the exhibition Celebration of the Body organised by Ingrid and Iain Baxter (N. E. Thing Co.) in 1976 in Kingston, Canada, and its reactivation in 2012 in three acts: in Lyon, Saint-Fons and London, by Fabien Pinaroli et al.

The London part of this project consisted of two study days entitled Re: Towards ‘Minor’ Histories of Exhibitions and Performances. In a series of lecture-performances, twenty-one artists and curators experimented with various strategies of reprise. Among these strategies were re-publication, pirated catalogues, judicial enquiry, re-animation, and memory assisted by video-recording.

Re: Towards a minor history of exhibitions and performances ensures the transition from performance to publication—from live to le livre, these two words differing only by an R, the R of Re:

With contributions from Jean-Philippe Antoine, Pierre Bal-Blanc, Kiff Bamford, Lucas Bouissou, Olivier Bosson, Mathieu Copeland, Christophe Domino, Will Holder, Adam Lauder, Ju Hyun Lee & Ludovic Burel, CS Leigh, MoM (Museum of Museum), Warren Neidich, Émilie Parendeau, Fabien Pinaroli, Adrien Sina.

With the support of CCC – Centre culturel canadien de Paris; Gallery TrépanierBaer, Calgary.